British Sign Language Courses with Green Door Printmaking Studio and Kirsty Vessey!

DEAF AWARENESS WEEK: 15th – 20th May

Green Door Printmaking Studio first opened in 2006 with the ambition of being a environmentally conscious printmaking studio, the first of its kind in the UK.

The studio is run by Anna and Pan, a mother and daughter team, who – after graduating from university – wanted to create a space for people to come together as a creative community and create art, primarily through printmaking techniques. Not only a master printmaker, but Anna is also a trained art therapist, who thrives on encouraging and guiding people through artistic expression and creativity.

Both Anna and Pan recognised that whilst many short courses and workshops are available, the majority of these courses are not always accessible for Deaf people. This is something that they sought to change.

Opening up their studio to the Deaf community was made possible when Kirsty Vessey joined their community. Kirsty is Deaf and uses both British Sign Language and Sign Supported English to communicate. Her area of specialism is screen printing on to fabric and textiles and she, too, shares the same philosophy as Anna and Pan – being environmentally conscious.

It was through this deficit of courses for Deaf people that Kirsty and Green Door initiated a new range of courses focussed entirely around engaging and informing their creative practices for the Deaf community. The courses offer the opportunity for Deaf people to explore and develop their own creativity, whilst creating their very own fabric based prints and learning all about the Screen Printing process.

See below for a full list of our current 2017 BSL friendly courses, plus links for more details!

Current Courses for 2017:

Introduction to T-shirt Screen Printing

Sat 20th May (11am to 4.30pm)

Sun 16th July (11am to 4.30pm)

Sat 21st October (11am to 4.30pm)

Sun 17th December (11am to 4.30pm)

Screen Printing for Surface Design

Sat 17th & Sun 18th June (11am to 4pm)

Sat 16th & 17th September (11am to 4pm)

Sat 4th & 5th November (11am to 4pm)

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