New Press: ‘Little John’

A welcome addition to Green Door Printmaking Studio; a new press!



The Press Gang (formulated of a handful of Green Door members and handy men) is a sub-group of the studio created to design and build a Press! Working through costs, building plans and general gumption, the Gang’s main ambition was to build a new press from scratch, as well as maintain the Studios current working presses.

Luckily, though, Green Door was recently gifted with ‘Little John’, a much larger press than our previous etching press and saving both the studio and the Press Gang time and resources.

The Press Gang will still be busy, though, as ‘Little John’ is in some need of love and attention. Oiling, greasing and general maintenance (plus a lick of paint) is all he needs to get him back in to shape and churning out much bigger prints!



In other news, ‘Gladys’ (the screenprinting studios recent press, brought out of storage) is also receiving some much needed attention; drilling through the underside of her table to attach the vacuum, making her fully functioning and operational. Monday’s Night Class (30th January 2017) was the first in GD’s history that all three screenprinting presses were used and general feedback has been quite positive!



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