YOU’RE ALL IN HERE – Solo exhibition by Steven Allen

Currently exhibiting in our hallway exhibition space is Steven Allen’s first solo exhibition, ‘You’re all in here’. A collection of strange and eccentric screen prints focused around people and daily oddities of life.

Below is some more information about the show, as well as details. Enjoy!


A solo exhibition by Steven Allen

People are very interesting to me. The way someone looks, talks or acts has always seemed to be the main aspect of what makes that person, ‘that’ person. Coming from a cartoonist or caricature background, where a person’s features or character is taken into full account in their portrayal in illustration, I often look for something to grasp or take hold of when drawing them.

Their physical size, big wide eyes, small darting eyes, happy or sad features, ears (particularly the ears), general demeanour, how they dress, how they stand, etc…

Anything and everything has a pull or focus to what makes that person who they are and is often the main part of what I draw. I enjoy drawing the normal, the odd and the quirky as a way to fully explore who that person is. At times, in can be seen as superficial. Focusing on a small aspect of what they look like can undermine the import of that character; make them seem ugly, unintelligent or undesirable. But, I would like to be absolutely clear, I don’t wish to distance or insult those that I draw (without due cause, naturally).

As much as I enjoy the positive aspects of character, I just as much enjoy exploring flaws in their character as well. I love drawing someone’s giant head with tiny features, for example, just as much as drawing someone well proportioned.

Not only restricting myself to people, I also enjoy exploring phrases or interesting snippets of words to illustrate in the same manner. Focusing on word association or imagery that these phrases represent in my mind, I find fascinating in their creation as I begin to, in my own way, bring them to life.

From all of these aspects, the idea of ‘You’re all in here’ is not only a declaration that the people I see are somewhat on display, but they are also part of me and are with me in some manner. Either physically or mentally, they have had some impact on me and, therefore, have warranted some mention in the creation of this body of work.

Exhibition showing:

8 March – 2 May 2017

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